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About Voute Arbeidsrecht

Voûte Arbeidsrecht had been established mid 2014. Expertise and experience were gained within a big law firm and in supervisory positions. Employment is key from beginning (employment agreement) to end (termination of employment/dismissal) en everything in between.

For whom


Voûte Arbeidsrecht assists large and middle seized (international) companies, but also works for non-profit organizations. Also works councils and other interest groups are being advised.

Private persons

CEO’s, managing directors, directors, higher management and other private persons are regularly being advised by Voute Arbeidsrecht on a variety of employment law matters, but specifically in the event of redundancy or dismissal.

Jacobijn Voûte


Jacobijn Voute has been an attorney-at-law since 1991. As of 1993 she specializes in employment law. She has broad experience in collective and individual dismissals, reorganizations, restructuring processes, employment law related corporate law matters (mergers and acquisitions), co-determination, performance and appraisal matters, collective labor agreements, international employment law and sick employees. Both national and international (among others via the European Ius Laboris network) matters have been dealt with extensively. In July 2014 Jacobijn Voute started her own firm Voute arbeidsrecht.

Additional functions

Jacobijn Voûte is member (vice-chairman) of the supervisory board of the Stichting Nationaal Onderwijsmuseum (national museum of education foundation), seated at Dordrecht en member of the board (chairman) of the Stichting Kinderopvang Kralingen (daycare center Kralingen foundation) at Rotterdam. Up to 2013 she was member of the board (chairman) of the Vereniging De Kralingsche School (primary school Kralingen association) in Rotterdam.

Jacobijn Voûte is a member of the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN), the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAA), the Rotterdam Employment Law Association (VRAA), the Dutch Association of Mediation Lawyers (MVVMA) and the Rotterdam Mediators Association (RMA).

Jacobijn Voûte is an attorney-trainer with the training program for attorneys at law and is a registered intervision supervisor for attorneys at law.

Jacobijn Voûte’s register of areas of law is labour law. This registration obliges Jacobijn Voûte to obtain ten training points in this area of law each calendar year in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association