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Voûte arbeidsrecht acts as mediator in business and employment related mediations and process management.

Conflict handling

Parties solves their problems themselves via mediation under the guidance of an unbiased and independent professional on the basis of their mutual interests. As mediatior Voûte arbeidsrecht is the right mediator to turn to given the legal background. Business and commercial elements are recognized and dealt with, aiming for high quality solutions, without losing sight of personal aspects. The parties’ autonomy is being respected, however, Voûte arbeidsrecht provides suitable guidance based on expertise on content, if required.

Alternative solution

Unsolved conflicts and legal proceedings involve time, money and energy. It drains manpower and means. Time and costs are indirect and are usually not measured and therefor not visable. One ‘wins or looses’, is ‘right or wrong’. What really is important to the parties, the essence, is not dealt with. Did one party really win, or was in fact no workable solution achieved. Mediation offers a possibility to find a mutual agreed solution that can be executed.

Mediation process

Mediation is about:

  • Improvement of communication
  • Getting clear what the problem really is
  • Focussing on the interests involved
  • Negotiantions on and finding of solutions


Voute arbeidsrecht also provides independent support with regards to complex decision-making processes.