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All companies employ people. Employees are the ‘capital’ of the organization, the ‘human resources’. They are an important factor and require attention regarding compensation and benefits, performance, education etc. All these matters involve legal elements. Voûte arbeidsrecht can assist your company on HR matters in a pragmatic manner.

HR Scan

By means of a HR scan, employment law aspects of HR processes can be optimized and possible employment law risks within your organization are made visible (and solutions are being presented).


Voûte arbeidsrecht arranges for training and in-house workshops related to various subjects (how to deal with dismissal, how to prepare a personnel file, what does a personnel file needs to cover, effective performance appraisals, how to act in case of a sick employee, etc.)


In the event your company faces a temporary high workload, or needs additional assistance and/or expertise on a project or reorganization or replacement in case of (long term) sickness or leave of absence, you can call on Voûte arbeidsrecht.