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Employment law

Employment agreement

Voûte arbeidsrecht provides employment agreements and suggest amendments, e.g. when legislation requires changes. Does an employment agreement for a definite period of time seem appropriate, or an indefinite term contract. What is legally possible and what suits your organization best. Is a non-competition clause or a relationship clause the right choice for the protection of your interests.


The work situation in your organization, any problems in the co-operation, conflicts and dismissal require a hands on approach and right choices and actions in an early stage. A proper strategy, the right way forward and adequate tone of voice are vital to achieve the best results for everyone involved. How does your personnel file has to look like for a successful dismissal. What are the severance costs and what serves your employee best. Is the situation that severe that an instant dismissal should be contemplated and what to do in the event of frequent sickness. Voûte arbeidsrecht offers tailored solutions.


Does your company face a reorganization or restructuring, Voûte arbeidsrecht assists you with the processes at hand. The consultation process with the work council, negotiations on a social plan with trade unions, having the right employees dismissed (balancing principle) and the manner to terminate the employment agreement (UWV or court) etc.

Works council

The works council’s role within the organization can be important. Voûte arbeidsrecht is experienced in all matters relating to the consultation rights and the right of consent, the two major rights of the works council. Voûte arbeidsrecht assists entrepreneurs/companies and works councils. Voûte arbeidsrecht assists with timely legal and practical advice as well as legal proceedings before the Enterprise chamber of the Amsterdam court of appeal, a business committee or the court. On other matters relating to the Works Council Act, like the work council elections, dismissal of a works council members and works council members violating the confidentiality obligation, Voûte arbeidsrecht advises as well.

Core competences

Core competences of Voûte arbeidsrecht are:

  • Employment law
  • Employment agreements
  • Dismissal/redundancy; individual and collective dismissal
  • CEO’s, CFO’s/COO’s, managing directors, higher management, key personnel and ex-pats
  • Reorganizations and restructuring processes
  • Employment matter with regard to transactions, among others mergers and acquisitions, in- and outsourcing and transfer of an undertaking
  • Co-determination
  • International employment relations (expats)
  • In- and outsourcing of employees
  • Flexible employment
  • Sick employees
  • Management agreements, consultancy agreements, service agreements
  • Collective labor agreements
  • Non competition and relationship clauses