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Voûte Arbeidsrecht is specialized in:
  • employment law
  • mediation
  • HR matters
  • expats

Voûte Arbeidsrecht can be characterized by its good analyses, practical advice en workable solutions related to employment matters. The goal is to present a swift approach and to find a customized solution. The aim is a creative and inspiring co-operation, with your interests in mind.

Voûte & employment

Voûte arbeidsrecht is known for providing good analyses, practical advise and workable solutions for employment related matters.

Voûte & mediation

Voûte arbeidsrecht is involved in alternative dispute resolution and focuses on business (employment law) mediations and process guidance.

Voûte & HR

Voûte arbeidsrecht provides advise on HR matters. In every organization people are at work, the human resources, a company’s capital.

Voûte & expats

Voûte arbeidsrecht assists expats, foreign nationals working for a Dutch company as well as Dutch employees working abroad.